Greater Johnstown Career & Technology Center

About Our School

The Greater Johnstown Career and Technology Center is a tremendous resource for our community. Not only have thousands of high school students graduated and gone on to find excellent opportunities in the job market, but thousands of adults have successfully trained for careers in many diverse fields. Dozens of area businesses, as well as those located outside our local area, have utilized our post-secondary and specialized training programs to help their employees update their skills. A variety of short-term course offerings allow individuals to get needed educational skills quickly.

GJCTC operates under a set of approved policies and procedures to ensure that our school and staff members continually work toward our overarching mission, vision, and values. To learn more about our governance, policies, and procedures, please visit our Joint Operating Committee page.

Looking to the Future

GJCTC is looking ahead to the future. Our school anticipates meeting the country’s need for skilled, high-tech employees prepared to meet the needs of a demanding economy.

High School Programs

We work with high school students on their path to career exploration and success, ensuring that each one leaves us armed with the knowledge and resources for success. Our high school students come from seven participating area school districts and attend classes on one of our campuses on a part-time basis while completing core academic courses at their home school. If you would like to begin training for your career of choice before you graduate, learn more about our high school programs.

Adult Programs

We aim to be an active participant of and contributor to our local community and offer a variety of fee-based general and career-specific adult programs. We offer short-term programs in a variety of fields, and our Career in a Year™ program, educating adults so they can seek employment in their desired industry. Find out more about our adult programs and how they can help you on the road to success.

Industry Programs

Because an educated community is a successful community, we work with you, our area businesses, to train employees on job skills and safety procedures. While we have training facilities available on our campuses, our professional instructors will cater to your needs and schedule to teach classes on your grounds. This enables business to go on as usual while employees receive the training necessary to be successful on the job. Find out more about our industry programs and what they can do for your business.

Our Thriving Community

Johnstown’s roots began in 1800 when Joseph Johns settled in the area. Nestled next to Stonycreek River and Little Conemaugh River in the Laurel Mountains of Pennsylvania, Johnstown is about 60 miles east of Pittsburgh. It holds a place in entertainment history with several movies filmed within the city limits, including All the Right Moves starring Tom Cruise, and songs based on the infamous flood of 1889.

The Johnstown Flood

On Memorial Day, 1889, a storm started in Johnstown that would soon devastate the town. After raining for more than 24 hours, the South Fork Dam collapsed 14 miles upstream from the city, causing more than 20 million tons of water to rush through Conemaugh Valley, destroying everything in its path and killing more than 2,000 area residents. The result was a spirit of survival and a commitment to restore the town and grow it into the productive and cooperative city it is today.